Egypt to acquire 200 South Korean K9 armored self-propelled guns for $1,7bn

Egypt today has, without question, the most powerful armed force in Africa and the Middle East, with an air force of 360 combat aircraft, a fleet of 8 submarines, 20 frigates and corvettes and 2 helicopter carriers, and a land force fielding more than 2000 heavy tanks and 3500 infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers. Inspired by both Soviet and American doctrines, the latter also fields powerful and modern artillery, with more than 600 self-propelled multiple rocket launchers, and a thousand armored self-propelled artillery systems, more than half of which are M109s. Americans. For many…

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OMFV program to replace US Army M2 Bradleys back on track

Among all the branches of the US Army's BIG 6 super-program, intended to give the US Army the necessary means to impose itself during the wars to come, the Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle program, or OMFV, is probably the most urgent, and in a sense, the most critical, since it is to replace the M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicle. This armored vehicle, one of the 5 programs of the BIG 5 super-program launched in the 70s, entered service in 1981, and has now reached the canonical age of 39 years. But it's not so much her age as her plumpness inherited from almost 40 years of modernization...

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