What will be the next Australian infantry fighting vehicle?

Over the past five years, Australia has launched a major program aimed at modernizing all of its military forces. It is within the framework of this initiative that Naval group was able to sign the “contract of the Century” for the design and manufacture of 5 Shortfin Barracuda ocean attack submarines, and that Great Britain recently obtained the order for Type12 multipurpose frigates.

Concerning armored vehicles, the program entitled Land 400 is broken down into 2 parts. The first saw, on March 18, the order for 211 Boxer CRV armored reconnaissance vehicles from the German company Rheinmetall. The second part concerns the Australian Army's future infantry fighting vehicle. 3 participants were selected : BAe with the CV90 MkIV, the latest evolution of this armored family which has enjoyed significant success, particularly in Europe; the South Korean HanWha Defense Systems with the AS21 Redback, and RheinMetall with the KF41 Lynx, presented at the EuroSatory 2018 show. The contract should cover around 600 units for a budget of $10 to $15 billion. 

It is interesting to note that the 3 IFVs selected by the Australian authorities have a very similar architecture, with a carrying capacity of 8 or 9 equipped soldiers, and a heavy turret equipped with a 35 mm cannon and anti-missiles. tank, like the turret of the French EBRC Jaguar. The mass of these armored vehicles ranges from 42 to 47 tonnes, compared to the 28 tonnes of the French VBCI (32 tonnes for the heavy version). 

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