FC-31 stealth fighter approaches Chinese air force

Developed by the Shenyang company, the 5th generation FC-31 Gyrfalcon fighter has experienced many adventures since its first flight in October 2012. Initially designed as a response to the American F-35, this 16,8 m long fighter for 12 meters wingspan is much more compact than the imposing J-20, which is 3 meters longer, and above all heavier by more than 7 tons at take-off at 32 tons, while the FC-31 aimed for 25 tons, placing the aircraft in the Rafale and F-35 category. But where the J-20 met an expectation of the Chinese air force, the FC-31 does not…

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Chinese Air Force Strengthens Positions Against India

While the unarmed clash between Indian and Chinese soldiers on the Ladakh plateau in June 2020, which resulted in the death of several dozen soldiers from both sides, did not lead to a massive military escalation between the two countries, it did bring Beijing like New Delhi to review the deployment of their forces in this highly strategic region on the borders of the Himalayas. On both sides, many heavy military forces have been deployed near this area of ​​tension, so as to be able to respond, if necessary, to an aggression in a short time. Thus, numerous observations made it possible to establish that the People's Liberation Army there…

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China takes major milestone in military turbojets

After 35 years of effort, the Chinese aeronautical industry has finally succeeded in developing a sufficiently reliable and efficient version of its WS-10 turbojet engine to equip a series single-engine combat aircraft. Indeed, a snapshot leaked on Chinese social networks recently shows a J-10C single-engine fighter of the People's Liberation Army Air Force (FAAPL) equipped with the WS-10B version of this engine, confirming that the latter has now reached the criteria required, particularly in terms of reliability and performance, to equip this type of device. So far, even if the Chinese J-11, J-15 and J-16 twin-engine fighters had already started their conversion to…

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