Summary 2020: Major technological advances in Defense in 2020

If 2020 will go down in history as the year of the great Covid-19 Pandemic, it will also be, with regard to Defense technologies, a pivotal year marking the transition between the technological vision inherited from the Cold War which had changed little in these 30 years, and the technological breakthrough approaches underway in many armed forces, and in many research laboratories. Among these many and varied advances, some deserve special attention. 1- Hypersonic Weapons Hypersonic weapons have been at the heart of the concerns of the vast majority of the great technological nations. The subject is not new, since the hypersonic missile Kh47m2…

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The less revolutionary Israeli drone dome laser device than it seems

At the beginning of January, the Israeli military authorities had published on social networks a video showing an anti-aircraft and anti-missile protection device based on laser energy which foreshadowed a remarkable technological leap. But the video published yesterday by Rafael concerning his system called "Drone Dome", suggests much less spectacular performance, and a more limited tactical use. So, has the mountain given birth to a mouse? The video presented yesterday by Rafael, one of the major Israeli defense companies, shows a device for detecting, tracking and engaging light drones on board an armored vehicle, and using a laser beam to destroy its targets.…

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