The most anticipated novelties of the Chinese airshow in Zhuhai

From December 28 to October 3, the China Air Show will be held in Zhuhai, near Macao on the southern coast of China. Traditionally focused primarily on the presentation of Chinese equipment in the aeronautical field and, more broadly, Defense, the 2021 edition could be a milestone, with many new programs announced, as well as exclusive presentations of devices and models. . While the show has not yet started, many set-ups have created significant interest from…

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New Chinese combat planes and helicopters to be unveiled soon?

As we know, the Chinese military aeronautical industry is very discreet about its development programs, and the information concerning the development of new aircraft is most often fragmented, and largely subject to interpretation. It is thus that we still do not know if and when the electronic warfare versions of the J-15 and J-16 fighter bombers, designated respectively J-15D and J-16D, and intended to be the equivalent of the EA-18G Growler American, will be declared operational and will join the squadrons of the Chinese air and naval forces. Likewise, while many factors seem to indicate that the 5th generation FC-31 fighter, in its modified version, will be the next carrier-based fighter to…

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