Iron Fist hard-kill system only protects American Bradleys 70% of the time

Entering service in the early 2010s to protect the Merkava tanks and the Namer infantry fighting vehicles of the Israeli armed forces, the hard-Kill Trophy and Iron Fist active protection systems of the Israelis Raphael and Elbit, have proven to be very effective during armed interventions in the occupied Palestinian territories, and intercepting dozens of RPG anti-tank rockets but also Konkurs and Kornet missiles fired by the Iranian Hezbollah. The fact is, no Israeli tank was lost during the military operations of the early 2010s, due to the firing of anti-tank ammunition. This efficiency has not escaped...

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The US Army's Leonidas microwave energy program reaches a new milestone

Long-range suicide drones like rodent munitions have unquestionably been one of the most significant technological military revelations in recent years. Easy and economical to produce, with a high destructive capacity, a range that can exceed 2000 km and near-metric precision, these drones represent a weapon with strategic capability once produced in large quantities, even for a country that does not have very significant resources. And if the term "Game Changer" is often overused and used wrongly in terms of weapon systems, it unquestionably applies to these new light drones, as it is today...

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