Did we witness a strategic reversal during the Ramstein meeting?

The object of all the hopes and expectations on the part of the Ukrainians and their closest supporters such as Poland or the Baltic States, the meeting which was held today at the American air base of Ramstein in the Rhineland- Palatinate, will have finally produced very few concrete results apart from the announcements which had already been made by its various participants. And if the United States announced the shipment of 50 new Bradley IFVs and 80 Stryker armored personnel carriers, they will neither have announced the long-awaited shipment of Abrams heavy tanks, nor will they even have succeeded to bring…

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Faced with the potential arrival of Su-35s and S-400s in Iran, Israel formalizes an order for 25 F-15EX from Boeing

The tensions between Jerusalem and Tehran are, today, at the heart of the structural instability of the Middle Eastern theater. These are notably the result of the recurring clashes between the Israeli armed forces and the Shiite Hezbollah in Lebanon, as well as those with the Iranian militias in Syria. In recent years, however, these tensions have experienced a very noticeable hardening, around the ballistic missile, cruise missile and long-range drone programs developed by the Iranian defense industry, giving its armies effective strike capabilities against the Israeli territory and in particular its critical infrastructures. Above all, the progress made by the Iranian nuclear program is now…

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Will South Korean tanks prevail in European armies?

Following in-depth consultation with France and the Nexter group, the Danish authorities announced on January 19 that they would transfer their entire fleet of CAESAR motorized guns, i.e. 19 8×8 systems heavier and better armored than the models in service within the Army as well as in Ukraine, in order to reinforce the defensive capacities of Kyiv. This announcement, rightly welcomed by the Ukrainian armies, given the performance of the system, is part of an unprecedented dynamic of European countries to support their ally, Sweden having promised 50 CV90 infantry combat vehicles and a number…

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