SCAF or not, the Super-Rafale Neuron couple proposed by Dassault should be developed

As is customary at the start of summer, arms fairs have multiplied in recent weeks, with Eurosatory in France dedicated to land arms in mid-June, the ILA aeronautical fair in Berlin a week later, and this week, the British Farnborough Airshow. What is less so is the extraordinary discretion of France, its authorities and its aeronautical industry during these shows, in particular regarding a program that is nevertheless major and sizeable, the Air Combat System of the Future, or SCAF. The fact is, since the beginning of the year, the program bringing together Germany, France and Spain is…

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Deprived of F-16V, the Turkish president threatens to reinstate his veto on the accession of Sweden and Finland to NATO

3 days ! That's how long it took President RT Erdogan to once again threaten a Turkish veto on Sweden's and Finland's membership of the Atlantic Alliance, after the US Congress voted , on the occasion of the vote of the 2023 finance law of the US armed forces, two amendments which hinder the possibilities of exporting the F-16 Viper but also other defense technologies to Ankara. Of course, the subjects not being supposed to be officially linked, President Erdogan publicly takes umbrage at the lack of “responsiveness” of the Swedish authorities concerning the request for the extradition of 33 refugees to…

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