South Korea to order 20 more F-35As

In February 2022, Seoul received the 40th and last of the F-35As which had been ordered from Lockheed-Martin as part of the FX program aimed at modernizing its air forces in order to have a global force capable of neutralizing the nuclear threat of its northern neighbour, and which relies, among other things, also on the development of ballistic and cruise missiles capable of carrying out preventive strikes against enemy nuclear installations. Obviously, Seoul seems satisfied with the capabilities offered by the American aircraft, since the Ministry of Defense has received authorization from the regulatory authorities to order a new…

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Super-Rafale, Mirage NG: France must study a medium-term alternative to SCAF

To say that the SCAF new generation combat aircraft program, which brings together France, Germany and Spain, is today on a downhill course would be an understatement. After several episodes of tension about industrial sharing between Paris, Berlin and Madrid, the program is now on hold in the face of the impossible agreement that Germany and Airbus Defense & Space are trying to get Paris and Dassault Aviation to accept, and which would oblige the French aeronautical group to share the piloting of the first pillar concerning the design of the Next Generation Fighter, or NGF, with its German counterpart. For several weeks now, the situation has been totally frozen, Eric Trappier,…

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