Spain formalizes the order for 20 Eurofighter Typhoons to replace its F/A-18s in the Canary Islands

Like all NATO members, Madrid committed in 2014 to increasing its defense spending to a level equivalent to 2% of its GDP by 2025. But like a majority of its members, Spain had taken some liberties with this commitment. Thus, in 2020, the country devoted only $17,5 billion to its defense effort, i.e. 1,4% of its GDP, which was not without posing heavy constraints in terms of financing the modernization of the armed forces. , while they were engaged in many major programs, such as the design of the S-80 submarines and the F-110 frigates. Following the Russian attack on Ukraine, Madrid once again showed great esprit de corps, announcing, like many other European countries affected by the pardon, that the country would also increase its defense effort. to 2% of its GDP, without however establishing a precise timetable, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez contenting himself with announcing that this objective would be achieved "within a few years". However, the Spanish armies now have to deal with major deadlines in terms of modernization, whether in the land forces, particularly with regard to the M113 and BMR-M1 armored personnel carriers which constitute the spearhead of the Spanish mechanized infantry, or of the air forces with the replacement of the F/A-18 and the AV8B Matador still in service.

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