The 4 major advances of the new Chinese aircraft carrier CV-18 Fujian

As expected, the new Chinese aircraft carrier, dubbed CV-18 Fujian, was launched on Friday in Shanghai, marking a new stage in the industrial and operational evolution of the People's Liberation Army Navy. Beyond the undeniable industrial success for Beijing, which will have launched in less than 12 years 3 aircraft carriers of increasing technology and tonnage, the Fujian constitutes a key asset for the Chinese Navy in its showdown in the making with the US Navy and its allies, offering several major advances in the capabilities that will be available to the Chinese military and industrialists in the years to come, ranging from electric propulsion…

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Australia wants to cut its infantry fighting vehicle acquisitions by a third

Launched by Canberra in 2018, the LAND 400 phase 3 program aimed to replace the M113s in service with the Australian armed forces with 450 new generation infantry fighting vehicles for a planned investment of 18 to 21 billion Australian dollars, i.e. between €12 and €14 billion. It now opposes two models, the KF41 Lynx offered by Rheinmetall Defense Australia, and the Redback AS21 from South Korea Hanwha, after the elimination of the Ajax and the CV-90 in 2019. However, according to information obtained by the site economic Financial Review, it seems that Canberra is about to reduce its ambitions around this program,…

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Industrial compensation around the F-35 half less than expected in Belgium

In October 2018, the Belgian authorities announced the acquisition of 34 F-35A combat aircraft from the American Lockheed-Martin to replace its fleet of F-16s, thus aligning themselves with the Dutch choice, Amsterdam having ordered in 2013 37 devices of this type, a format that will evolve to 52 devices today, and which could well continue to grow now that the Dutch authorities have undertaken to increase their defense effort to 2% of GDP. However, the decision of the Michel government in 2018, largely conditioned by the intense lobbying of NATO and the Flemish Minister of Defense Steven Vandeput, has never ceased to arouse controversy across the country,…

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