German Diehl presents a stealth version of its IRIS-T short and medium range air-to-air missile

The German group Diehl Défense presented, at the Eurosatory 2022 exhibition, a new version of its short and medium range air-to-air missile IRIS-T. Designated Iris-T FCAAM for Futur Combat Air to Air Missile, the new missile is designed for the future SCAF, bringing several major innovations, including a stealth form. Developed as an alternative to the British ASRAAM and American AIM-9 Sidewinder missiles, the IRIS-T air-to-air missile was designed by the German group Diehl Defense in cooperation with Canada, Greece, Italy, Norway and Sweden from 1995. The missile entered service in 2005, and…

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Poland to order 32 AW149 helicopters from Italian Leonardo

Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Błaszczak announced after a meeting with President Duda and the Polish General Staff that Warsaw would order 32 AW149 medium helicopters from the Italian Leonardo, in 3 versions which will be assembled on site by the PZL Świdnik factory owned by the Italian aircraft manufacturer. Defense is obviously THE political ISSUE of the moment in Poland. Indeed, announcements concerning new programs or new investments have been multiplying at an almost daily rate for a few weeks, while Warsaw intends to make an unprecedented effort to modernize its armed forces, by increasing its defense effort at…

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Poland wants to go from 4 to 6 operational divisions in 2035

As part of the work on the "Model 2035" program aimed at modernizing and strengthening the Polish armies by 2035, the Polish Minister of Defense, Mariusz Błaszczak, announced that the size of the country's Army would change from 4 divisions today, to 6 divisions in 2035, with a significant increase in manpower and staffing equipment. While Poland only has a GDP of €600 billion, a quarter of that of France, and a population of 38 million, barely 55% of the 68 million French people, the country has of a very large armed force, in…

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DARPA wants to allow KC-46 tanker planes to recharge drone batteries with a high-energy laser

The Pentagon's innovation agency, DARPA, has issued a request for proposals regarding the possibility of equipping US Air Force KC-36 and KC-135 tanker aircraft with a high-energy laser pod capable of transfer energy to drones in flight, so as to extend their autonomy and lighten their energy storage devices. DARPA, the U.S. Armed Forces Innovation Agency, issued a request for information on June 13 regarding a device capable of transferring energy between a tanker aircraft, such as the KC-46 or KC-135, and a drone in flight, through a high-energy laser embedded in a…

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The Russian Navy will not order the second batch of 6 corvettes of the Vasily Bykov class

Disappointed with some of the performance observed in combat situations, the Russian Admiralty has reportedly decided not to order the second batch of Vasily Bykov-class corvettes, of which 4 units currently form the backbone of the Black Sea Fleet. In addition, the first 4 corvettes in service will all be equipped with a Tor-M2MK anti-aircraft system already seen on the first unit of the class. The first 4 Vasily Bykov class corvettes are today one of the main operational pillars of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. By their capacity to implement 8 Kalibr-NK cruise missiles, these ships…

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