Top Gun: Maverick, the long-awaited film by Western air forces

It's rare that a film alone has had such a significant impact on an entire generation of young pilots. From its release in 1986, and still today, the vast majority of candidates for military pilot selections in the United States, Europe and more generally, throughout the Western world, have been more than influenced by this film. While Western air forces have been facing, for the most part and for several years, a significant shortage of candidates, the imminent arrival of Top Gun: Maverick therefore represents an important and undisguised hope, even as tensions in the world keep growing...

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According to its chief of staff, the US Navy cannot engage on two major fronts simultaneously

To say that the US Navy's shipbuilding planning has been chaotic over the past 20 years would be an understatement. Between the aborted or more than disappointing programs such as the Zumwalt destroyers and the Littoral Combat Ship, a low budget increase, and in the face of an extraordinary Chinese effort of efficiency and the revival of Russian naval construction, it is true that the supremacy naval force, considered a few years ago as irremovable, is now facing unprecedented challenges since the end of the Second World War. In addition, the American shipyards themselves…

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