Is anti-aircraft artillery becoming a credible alternative again?

During the Vietnam War, the American armed forces lost nearly 3.750 planes and 5.600 helicopters. While North Vietnamese fighters and missiles played a decisive role, together they only shot down 15% of the aircraft lost by the United States, while accidents accounted for 25% of the losses recorded. The remaining 60% came from North Vietnamese anti-aircraft artillery, which posed the greatest threat to American aircraft throughout the war. Inexpensive to acquire and relatively simple to implement, the anti-aircraft batteries of Soviet and Chinese invoice implemented by North Vietnam alone shot down 45% of the planes...

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Turkey remains determined to receive a second Russian-made S-400 anti-aircraft battery

Since the start of the Russian offensive in Ukraine, Turkey has shown a posture consistent with its NATO alignment, in particular by closing the straits and thus preventing Russian ships positioned in the Mediterranean from reinforcing the Navy fleet. Black. In addition, Ankara has actively supported Kyiv's military effort, in particular by delivering Bayraktar TB2 drones, the latter having played an important role in harassing Russian units during the offensive against Kyiv, as well as in the conduct of Ukrainian strikes against Russian naval units present in the Black Sea, including against the cruiser Moskva. This change of…

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South Korea's CVX aircraft carrier program under fire from critics

Faced with the rise of North Korea's first strike capabilities, the South Korean General Staff, supported by the government, announced in July 2019 its intention to acquire two light aircraft carriers capable of operates 20 F-35B combat aircraft each with vertical or short take-off and landing. According to the arguments advanced by the military, this program, designated CVX, will make it possible to maintain strike and response capabilities even if Pyongyang were to start hostilities against its southern neighbor, and to destroy South Korean air bases with strikes. preventive ballistic and cruise missiles. In…

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