Should European military support for Ukraine be increased?

Very few, even among the best informed, had imagined that after 5 weeks of combat, the Russian Special Military Operation would be so contained by the Ukrainian defenders, and that the Russian armies would have suffered material and human losses as well. important. However, today, despite its extraordinary firepower and air force, it is the Russian army that goes into a defensive position on many fronts, and even retreats in the face of certain Ukrainian counter-attacks, especially around Kyiv. However, this perception given both by the Western media and by the very efficient Ukrainian war communication, does not allow…

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With the 2023 budget, the American armies reveal their transformation strategy in the face of China

It is common to read to what extent the Russian armies engaged in Ukraine rely on equipment inherited from the Soviet period. It is true that although modernized, the T-72B3, T80BV, BMP-2 and other Msta-S were all designed in the 70s and 80s, as is the case with the combat aircraft of the Flanker series or the Mil and Kamov helicopters. However, it is clear that in the West, the situation is largely identical, including with regard to the tip of the sword, namely the US Army, which continues to rely on Abrams tanks, the Bradley VCIs, the…

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