On the eve of the Zapad-2021 exercise, the rapprochement between Minsk and Moscow is accelerating

Each year, the Russian Armed Forces organizes a large major exercise taking place at the beginning of September. In a 4-year cycle, it takes place alternately in eastern Russia (Vostok), central Russia (Tzentr), in the Caucasus (Kavkaz), and in the western zone (Zapad). This year's exercise, Zapad-2021, whose culminating part will take place from September 10 to 16, will take place largely in Belarus, as well as around Saint Petersburg and in the enclave of Kalningrad, and will mobilize , in total, nearly 200.000 soldiers and civilians, even if the number of soldiers actually deployed by Russia for this exercise in Belarus will not exceed…

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Turkish armies receive their first Akinci drones

Two years. This is the time it took the Turkish specialist in the manufacture of military drones Baykar, to bring its new Medium Altitude Long Endurance MALE Akinci drone from the prototype stage to its operational entry into the Turkish armies. On August 29, during a ceremony with strong nationalist impulses, it was President RT Erdogan himself who celebrated the arrival of the new combat drone in his armies, with unfeigned pride on the part of the leader. Turkish. It must be said that the Akinci PT-2 TIHA has something to satisfy the president, and his efforts in favor of a defense industry...

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