FC-31 stealth fighter approaches Chinese air force

Developed by the Shenyang company, the 5th generation FC-31 Gyrfalcon fighter has experienced many adventures since its first flight in October 2012. Initially designed as a response to the American F-35, this 16,8 m long fighter for 12 meters wingspan is much more compact than the imposing J-20, which is 3 meters longer, and above all heavier by more than 7 tons at take-off at 32 tons, while the FC-31 aimed for 25 tons, placing the aircraft in the Rafale and F-35 category. But where the J-20 met an expectation of the Chinese air force, the FC-31 does not…

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China to build third ICBM nuclear missile launch site

At the beginning of July 2021, two American researchers highlighted the construction of a vast site on the high plateaus of Gunza, between Mongolia and Tibet, intended to accommodate at least 119 silos capable of implementing intercontinental ballistic missiles ICBMs, a first for Beijing, which until now had deployed only 2 limited sites to implement old-generation DF-5 missiles, and which seemed above all to rely on its new DF-41 mobile ICBMs to reinforce the rise in power of its strategic deterrent force. 3 weeks later, the construction of a second site, some 380 km from the first, was identified by these…

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