The British Char Challenger 3 (also) will be protected by the Israeli Trophy system

We knew that London was planning to equip its future Challenger 3 tank, a retrofit of the Challenger 2 currently in service to compensate for defects and obsolescence and to make it possible to connect with a possible replacement from 2035, with a Hard protection system -Kill to increase its protection against anti-tank missiles and rockets. The British Ministry of Defense has just confirmed that the active protection system Trophy of the Israeli Rafael had been selected for this, in this case in its lighter version Trophy MV/VPS. The British Army will therefore be the 3rd NATO army to choose the Israeli self-protection system,…

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US Navy Changes Planning Targets To Respond To Chinese Threat

The end of President Trump's mandate was, as we know, chaotic to say the least. One area, among others, puzzled many observers, that of industrial planning and the format of the US Navy, marked by initiatives as late as disproportionate from the US administration. Thus, a few weeks before the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden, Donald Trump passed a law conferring very high format objectives on the US Navy, with 355 combat ships in 2030, and more than 500 buildings in 2045, even though no realistic planning had been implemented on this subject during the 4 years...

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