Swarm of drones and directed energy, the American technological duo to overcome the denial of access

Between the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 2010s, Western air forces, and American ones in particular, were certain of being able to impose their superiority in the air on any other power, to the point of engaging major campaigns without ever needing to deploy ground troops, as in Kosovo in 1999 during Operation Allied Force, or in Libya in 2011 during Operation Harmattan for France and Unified Protector for the UN. But the gradual arrival of new anti-aircraft defense systems, such as the S-400 (2007) and S-350 (2019) in Russia, and the HQ-9B (2007) and HQ-16 (2012) in …

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No, the Egyptian Rafale contract does not threaten French taxpayers

Since the announcement of the signing of a new contract for the acquisition of 30 Rafale aircraft by Egypt for €4 billion, a misunderstanding has spread on social networks, based in part on a misinterpretation of the situation by certain French media and by the AFP, according to which this contract could ultimately threaten French taxpayers, since the French State has guaranteed 85% of the amount borrowed by Cairo from French banks in a 10-year loan to fund the operation. As we will see in this article, not only is there no objective reason to anticipate a payment default by…

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