The military version of the five-bladed Airbus Helicopters H145 should be qualified next year, with new assets to highlight

In March 2019, during the Atlanta Heli-Expo, Airbus Helicopters unveiled the new variant of its successful twin-engine helicopter, the H145. With a new rotor equipped with five blades, against four on the previous variants, this new helicopter should be lighter, more economical and have a larger payload, while reducing maintenance needs. Primarily intended for the civilian market and public services (police, ambulances, liaison, etc.), the new H145 has been certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and is in the process of being certified by the American FAA. This should allow delivery to the first customers in the coming months.

Within a year, production of the four-blade H145 should have been completely replaced by that of the new five-blade H145. Beyond the civilian market, Airbus Helicopters also hopes to quickly offer a military variant equipped with the new five-blade rotor. This new H145M should be certified in 2021, and offered to all Airbus Helicopters military customers. The H145M already delivered to the current standard can also be modified quite simply to the new standard, which is lighter and easier to use. For current customers and for future prospects, it must be recognized that this new variant of the H145M has many advantages

The current four-bladed system is technically more complex than the new rotor recently validated on the civilian H145. An H145M military variant fitted with the new rotor will be more efficient, quieter and require reduced logistical maintenance.

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