British nuclear deterrence threatened by the Covid-19 epidemic

In recent weeks, we have regularly discussed the dramatic consequences that the coronavirus epidemic can have when the virus invites itself on board a ship at sea. The cases of French and American aircraft carriers have been widely commented on by the press , including at Meta-Defense. However, some submarines have also seen their operations interrupted after several cases of Covid-19 were detected or suspected on board. This is particularly the case in Russia where an Oscar-II saw its crew quarantined, while a Dutch submarine had to return to port when eight sailors on board contracted the coronavirus. Systematically, the suspension of activity of a…

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As expected, the F35 strikes back in Germany to replace the Tornado

At the beginning of the week, the German authorities confirmed that they wanted to acquire 60 Typhoon fighter planes as well as 30 F/A 18 E/F Super Hornets and 15 EA 18 G Growlers to replace the Luftwaffe Tornado carrying out the missions attack, electronic warfare and defense suppression, as well as nuclear strike missions within the framework of NATO. Insofar as Berlin does not intend to abandon its role or the resulting status within NATO with regard to nuclear deterrence, despite the consequent limits of the exercise from an operational point of view, its decision and the distribution...

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Iran deploys first military satellite as tensions rise between Tehran and Washington

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard announced yesterday that it has launched the country's first military satellite, the Noor-1. From a technical point of view, this orbiting is a great first for Iran, in more ways than one. But the timing of this military launch also contributes to the game of declaratory strategy between Tehran and Washington, and thus contributes to increasing tensions between the two countries. After a promising start, with three successive successful launches between 2009 and 2012, the Iranian space program has accumulated failures. The last successful launch thus dates from 2015, with the launch of the small experimental satellite Fajr by a…

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