After 9 months of rapid growth, Meta-Défense launches its Corporate offer

On February 10, 2020, Meta-Defense passed the milestone of 9 month of existence, 9 months of intense growth and extreme density. On average, the service audience has doubled every 2 months since its creation, and we now on average exceed 3500 unique visitors per day, including 1500 through the mobile app, and 10.000 articles viewed daily. The Mobile app is used by more than 3000 guests in France, in Europe and in the World, and more than 90% of them connect at least twice a week. As for social networks, in addition to the 30k subscribers on the LinkedIn account, Meta-defense has exceeded 10.000 Facebook followers. In just 9 months, Meta-Défense has positioned itself as a major player in Defense information in France, but also in Europe.

Indeed, the international success observed in the first months cannot be denied, since 35% of users connect outside of France, including 15% from Germany, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom and Greece, 10% of French-speaking countries Belgium, Switzerland and Canada, and 10% of the rest of the world. The number of subscribers is also growing rapidly, with particular satisfaction regarding the student subscription which gathers more than 25% of the subscribers direct subscriptions (excluding business subscriptions).

We are frequently contacted by students, soldiers, or members of associations or companies of the BITD, who wish to know if their "corporation" gives entitlement to special discounts. This is the reason we are launching today.CORPORATE offer.

Concretely, the CORPORATE offer allows a corporation to offer its members or collaborators special and attractive tariff conditions to subscribe to a Meta-Defense subscription. The Type of subscription and the amount of the discount, which can exceed 80%, varies according to the nature of the corporation, and the number of people to whom this special subscription will be offered. The implementation is simple and fast (less than 24h), by means of a registration code and a dedicated registration page which it is sufficient to communicate to members, each being subsequently able to decide whether or not they wish to subscribe to this subscription . No commitment on the number of registered subscribers is required from the Corporation. For the Corporations which wish it (and which have the means and the legitimacy), it is possible to set up a principle ofsubscription subscription.

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