Quantity and Rusticity again become key elements of future air strategies

A report from the RAND Corporation, commissioned by the US Air Force, identifies two key elements of the effectiveness of strategies to achieve and maintain air superiority in the years ahead.

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North Korea develops a submarine launching machine on the basis of a model of the 50 years

On the occasion of North Korean leader Kin Jong Un's visit to a state shipyard, the state agency KCNA has published clichés about the construction of a new North Korean submarine.

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US Army launches site to improve cyber capabilities

With the tender published last July, the US Army triggers the development of new technologies in cyber defense and security of the conduct of operations in the United States.

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British Defense Minister says Europe can afford SCAF and Tempest

In a statement to the British parliament, Defense Minister Penny Mordaunt said that European countries could afford to simultaneously finance two aircraft programs in the UK.

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