Are Russian bombers accurate?

In a statement on the occasion of the opening of the annual technical conference with the army chiefs of staff, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Choïgou said that now Russian bombers are capable of to drop smooth bombs with an "accuracy of 10 to 15m", ie the average accuracy of GPS-guided bombs used in Western armies, such as the American JDAM, or the French A2SM (in GPS version). He added that this precision was achieved using new sighting systems, and was demonstrated during the intervention in Syria.

We can legitimately wonder about the veracity of the minister's statements, especially when we saw the first videos of the Russian bombings in Syria, which challenged by their lack of precision. Moreover, this statement contradicts other previous statements, arguing that the Russian air force needs to rapidly increase its capabilities with regard to guided air munitions, missiles and bombs.

So, is this a new exaggeration which the Russian authorities are customary? The reality is, as often, a little more complicated.

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