These 5 international crises that threaten world peace

In just a few weeks, several areas of international tension have evolved into crisis threatening to turn into open conflict, with a significant risk of extension, to the point of threatening up to ...

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Will Russia come to the aid of Lukashenko in Belarus?

After having instrumentalized the opposition with Moscow by deploying forces along the border between Belarus and Russia, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko appealed to ...

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Successful demonstration of strength by Russia during Exercise Vostok 2018

General Sergei Choïgou had announced that Exercise Vostok 2018, which took place in the eastern Siberian plains of 11 at 15 in September, was a massive exercise, gathering near Russian military 300.000 and their 36000 vehicles and 1000 aircraft and helicopters, the largest exercise since 1981 for Russian or Soviet forces.

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