Does the Gripen E / F presented by Saab have the slightest chance in Canada?

This Monday, March 2, the Swedish industrialist Saab officially confirmed its candidacy for the Canadian tender for the replacement of 88 F / A-18 Hornet fighter jets (locally designated CF-188). For…

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What really happened to the F-35s deployed in Finland?

In a previous article, we came back to the words of the Finnish HX program manager, Lauri Puranen, who commented on the problems encountered by the F-35 in the context of ...

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Finnish HX Program Manager discusses poor performance of Gripen and F-35 during tests

Interviewed by the Finnish site Kauppalehti, the head of the HX program spoke the day before yesterday about the HX Challenge competition between the French Rafale, the American F-35 and F / A-18E, the…

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