Turkey seems to have solved its drone engine problem

Between the sanctioning of Ankara by Washington and the European Union at the beginning of the year, and the withdrawal of the export authorization for Rotax engines decided by the Canadian company Bombardier, the aerospace industry ...

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Ukraine and Turkey advance in their industrial collaboration about Defense

A few days ago, we pointed out the difficulties facing the Turkish defense industry after the interventions of the country's armed forces in Syria, Libya and Azerbaijan, ...

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Turkish drones to receive satellite link and attract customers

With the Israeli stray ammunition, Israeli drones like the now famous Bayraktar TB2 have undoubtedly shown great efficiency during the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh, conflict ...

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The Ukrainian anti-ship missile Neptune shows its effectiveness

The Ukrainian site defense-ua.com, specializing in defense issues, has published an exclusive video showing the test of the P-360 Neptune anti-ship missile which took place on April 2 ...

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Ukraine wants to acquire US AH-64 Apache gunships

According to the Ukrainian site ukrmilitary.com, Kiev is considering acquiring American AH-64 Apache combat helicopters to replace its fleet of Mi-24 Hinds dating from the Soviet era, the majority of which ...

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