Swedish CV90 Mk IV infantry fighting vehicle wins Slovak competition

As far as arms contracts are concerned, the arguments used to choose material, which is more important for imports, are most often vague, not to say opaque. In this area, the competition organized by the Slovak authorities with a view to upgrading or replacing its fleet of BVP-1/2 infantry fighting vehicles inherited from the Warsaw Pact era, has been of unprecedented clarity. , offering an objective view of the options considered as well as the characteristics of the armored vehicles selected, both in the operational field and from a budgetary and industrial point of view. At the end of this particularly precise and documented process, the…

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Germany, Poland, Slovakia: European tanks soon in Ukraine?

How far we have come since the day after the start of the Russian offensive in Ukraine, a German diplomat reportedly replied to his Ukrainian counterpart that there was no sense in sending military equipment to the Ukrainian armies, since the latter would be swept away in a few days. In fact, for the past few days, declarations have multiplied in Europe, and more generally in the whole of the Western camp, in favor of much more sustained support given to Ukraine in terms of defense equipment, including the heavy equipment requested for several weeks by Kyiv to stand up to the waves of assault launched by Moscow. Already, last week, Prague had confirmed…

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With the delivery of Slovak S-300PMUs, the West shifts into high gear to support Ukraine

While since the beginning of the conflict, the West had been confined to reacting on the international scene against Russia, in particular by delivering only light or defensive armaments to Ukraine, the dynamic seems to have evolved considerably in recent days. Thus, after the announcement of the delivery of several dozen T-72M1 tanks and BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicles from the reserves of the Czech army, it is the turn today of Slovakia to announce the transfer of its unique S-300PMU long-range anti-aircraft defense battery to Ukraine, information confirmed by Slovak Prime Minister Edouar Heger on Twitter. Britain, from its…

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Should European military support for Ukraine be increased?

Very few, even among the best informed, had imagined that after 5 weeks of combat, the Russian Special Military Operation would be so contained by the Ukrainian defenders, and that the Russian armies would have suffered material and human losses as well. important. However, today, despite its extraordinary firepower and air force, it is the Russian army that goes into a defensive position on many fronts, and even retreats in the face of certain Ukrainian counter-attacks, especially around Kyiv. However, this perception given both by the Western media and by the very efficient Ukrainian war communication, does not allow…

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