N ° 9 Top 2021: Can the French aeronautics industry bounce back from the success of the F-35 in Europe?

Article from December 14, 2021, N ° 9 of the TOP 2021 with 29.000 unique reads At the end of last week, and as anticipated, the Finnish authorities announced that they had selected the hunter ...

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The new ambitions of European Structured Permanent Cooperation

The European Structured Permanent Cooperation, or PESCO, is undoubtedly one of the major advances obtained in the field of Defense within the European Union. Launched in December 2017, it ...

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European Patrol Corvette: Portugal in permanent structured cooperation?

The modernization of the Portuguese Navy (Marinha Portuguesa or Armada Portuguesa) stems from a politico-military process that began in 2005 but thwarted by financial, economic and sovereign debt crises (2007…

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Europeans to develop anti-missile solution to counter emerging threats

Among the new programs announced within the framework of PESCO, the structured cooperation program of the European Union, the TWISTER program, for TIMELY WARNING AND INTERCEPTION WITH SPACE-BASED THEATER SURVEILLANCE,…

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China to attack European ports: a threat to Europe?

In recent years, China has increased its acquisitions of ports in Europe: Greece, Italy, Spain, Belgium and Portugal are the main beneficiaries.…

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Reinforcement of the NATO Air Baltic Policing device against a backdrop of tensions with Russia

Since March 2004, NATO has been carrying out the Baltic Air Policing mission, by deploying 8 fighters on air bases in the Baltic countries, in order to carry out air policing missions in…

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