Should European military support for Ukraine be increased?

Very few, even among the best informed, had imagined that after 5 weeks of combat, the Russian Special Military Operation would be so contained by the Ukrainian defenders, and that the Russian armies would have suffered material and human losses as well. important. However, today, despite its extraordinary firepower and air force, it is the Russian army that goes into a defensive position on many fronts, and even retreats in the face of certain Ukrainian counter-attacks, especially around Kyiv. However, this perception given both by the Western media and by the very efficient Ukrainian war communication, does not allow…

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Hungarian Lynx IVCs will be equipped with ADS StrikeShield hard-kill protection from Rheinmetall

With a budget of only €2,5 billion in 2021, representing 1,5% of GDP, and a workforce of 20.000 men, the Hungarian armed forces are among the smallest in Europe. But the country has embarked, in 2020, on a vast program aimed at modernizing its military capabilities, with the aim of achieving a defense effort of 2% of GDP in 2025, in accordance with the country's commitments to NATO. And if Budapest does not plan to significantly extend the format of its forces, these will be particularly well equipped, in application of the Zrinyi 2026 plan launched in 2026. Among the country's most significant acquisitions in recent months,…

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Hungary places order for 218 VCI Lynx from Rheinmetall

The Hungarian Ministry of Defense has announced that it has officially signed an order for 218 Lynx infantry fighting vehicles with German Rheinmetall, for an amount of approximately €2 billion. A first tranche of 46 armored vehicles, as well as 9 Buffalo armored recovery vehicles, will be produced in Germany, and delivered by the beginning of 2023. The second tranche of 172 armored vehicles will be built by Hungarian industry, without it being specified with a precise timetable. In addition to armored vehicles, the contract also covers the supply of simulators, infrastructure and equipment to ensure vehicle maintenance, as well as a stock of spare parts. Although it is…

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Hungary chooses Rheinmetall Lynx in global industrial agreement

The German industrial group Rheinmetall signed, on August 16, a global agreement for the acquisition of more than 200 Lynx infantry fighting vehicles, as part of a local manufacturing contract worth more than €2 billion aimed at jointly modernize the country's armies and defense industry. This is the first customer of the German next-generation armored vehicle, which is also still involved in the Australian Land 400 Phase 3 competition, where it is opposed to the South Korean Redback K21, for a contract for 450 infantry fighting vehicles. . No information has been released regarding the exact configuration chosen by the Hungarian government,…

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