Finnish HX Program Manager discusses poor performance of Gripen and F-35 during tests

Interviewed by the Finnish site Kauppalehti, the head of the HX program spoke the day before yesterday about the HX Challenge competition between the French Rafale, the American F-35 and F / A-18E, the…

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The Saab Gripen NG: small in size but large in performance

In 2007, the Swedish aircraft manufacturer SAAB launched the production of its technological demonstrator Gripen Demo. Based on a two-seater production Gripen D, this device was supposed to demonstrate the feasibility ...

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Belgium, Romania, Greece… these European countries which trust the French Defense industry

At the start of the 2000s, and for nearly 15 years, the French defense industry failed to sign any significant contract independently in Europe, and ...

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Europeans to develop anti-missile solution to counter emerging threats

Among the new programs announced within the framework of PESCO, the structured cooperation program of the European Union, the TWISTER program, for TIMELY WARNING AND INTERCEPTION WITH SPACE-BASED THEATER SURVEILLANCE,…

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Finland raises the tone to keep control of its HX-Fighters program

Helsinki has once again raised the tone vis-à-vis the aeronautical manufacturers participating in the HX-F program, aimed at replacing the F18s of the Finnish air force. This time, the authorities of ...

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The industrialists of La Défense bet on armed terrestrial drones

In recent weeks, no less than 4 major announcements have been made regarding the development of armed ground combat drones in the Western Camp. While the systems of ...

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Finland: 10 criteria to determine which would be the best substitute for F18?

While Saab has just advanced its pawns in the competition opposing it in Finland to other Western aircraft manufacturers, it appears that an analysis on the model of that made for Switzerland, ...

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