Singapore's new class of super-frigates will boost the country's Navy tonnage by 70%

Singapore is, in many areas, the country of superlatives, especially in terms of defence. Indeed, despite a population of only 5,5 million inhabitants, and a country that covers only 733 km2, i.e. 10% more than the area of ​​the Territory of Belfort, the Singaporean armies are among the most effective and powerfully armed in the Indo-Pacific theater. Thus, with a budget of $17 billion per year, or 4% of GDP, the armed forces of the small republic are 71.000 strong, mostly conscripts carrying out 2-year military service, and have a mighty force...

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The air forces of the 4 Scandinavian countries will now act as a unified force

The 4 countries forming Scandinavia, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, share, beyond their history and a cool weather, many geographical, demographic and economic characteristics. Thus, they have a relatively small population, 5,8 m for Denmark, 5,5 m for Finland, 5,5 m for Norway and 10,5 m for Sweden, for a very large territory, 2,2 m km2 for Denmark (due to Greenland), 340.000 km2 for Finland, 385.000 km2 for Norway and 450.000 km2 for Sweden. In fact, these 3 of these countries have a density of…

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Will South Korean tanks prevail in European armies?

Following in-depth consultation with France and the Nexter group, the Danish authorities announced on January 19 that they would transfer their entire fleet of CAESAR motorized guns, i.e. 19 8×8 systems heavier and better armored than the models in service within the Army as well as in Ukraine, in order to reinforce the defensive capacities of Kyiv. This announcement, rightly welcomed by the Ukrainian armies, given the performance of the system, is part of an unprecedented dynamic of European countries to support their ally, Sweden having promised 50 CV90 infantry combat vehicles and a number…

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Can the French aeronautical industry bounce back from the success of the F-35 in Europe?

At the end of last week, and as anticipated, the Finnish authorities announced that they had selected the American F-35A fighter to succeed the F-18s within its air force, at the end of the HX competition which saw once again the American fighter to the other Western models, F/A 18 E/F Super Hornet, Gripen, Rafale and Typhoon. As in Switzerland, the conclusions presented by the Finnish authorities are final, the F-35 appearing superior to other competitors in all areas, including in the area of ​​budgetary sustainability. And as in Switzerland, many voices are now being raised to restore…

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Belgium, Romania, Greece… these European countries which trust the French Defense industry

In the early 2000s, and for nearly 15 years, the French defense industry was unable to sign any significant contract independently in Europe, and had to concentrate its efforts in the Middle East and Asia to maintain a export volume compatible with the very low activity of the national order at that time. But in recent years, it seems that European countries, some at least, are once again trusting this industry to supply major equipment, aided it is true by the overall increase in defense budgets. A look back at these latest contracts signed by the French defense industry…

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