Tensions at the highest between Russia, Ukraine and the West

According to a report from the European Union, the Russian armed forces have gathered nearly 150.000 men in Crimea and along the border with the Ukrainian Donbass, making ...

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Britain launches development of its own "Loyal Wingman"

The principle of the allied drone, an autonomous device but controlled by a piloted combat aircraft with which it would act in concert, seems to have imposed itself in the large majority ...

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Modern training and attack aircraft

For nearly 3 decades, after the end of the Cold War, the majority of the world's air forces remained in a relatively rigid technological format, and the deflation of the workforce ...

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NATO and the US Army prepare a massive strengthening exercise for European defenses

In recent years, NATO exercises have grown in volume, like the annual Russian exercises. Thus, in 2020, the Defender 2020 exercise will be an opportunity to test the reinforcement capacities ...

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The Czech Republic orders 12 Bell combat helicopters

In its effort to reach the fateful bar of 2% of GDP allocated to the financing of its Defense in 2025 required by NATO, Prague has just allocated a global envelope of…

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