The European Union deploys a cyber rapid reaction team to protect Ukraine

About ten days ago, several ministerial sites and the 3 most important Ukrainian banks were targeted by a massive cyber attack of the denial of access type, or DDOS. For nearly 24 hours, the communication capacities and services of these structures were thus paralyzed by this attack, the origin of which was attributed to groups of Russian hackers. In the current context of extreme tensions, the capacity for the Ukrainian authorities to maintain functional communication channels with the population and to maintain active banking services for the population, is as decisive as the operational military responses of its…

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The new ambitions of European Structured Permanent Cooperation

The Permanent Structured European Cooperation, or PESCO, is undeniably one of the major advances obtained in the field of Defense within the European Union. Launched in December 2017, it allows European industrialists and political actors to cooperate to develop new programs, whether purely technological or industrial, with the aim of avoiding the multiplication of similar programs within the European Union, and therefore expenditure deemed irrelevant because it is redundant between members. The first list of projects was presented on March 6, 2018, and focused above all on support programs, in the field of training, simulation,…

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Belarus reportedly uses Syrian and Iraqi migrants against Lithuania

For several years, Turkish President RT Erdogan used the threat of releasing waves of migrants from Syria, Iraq and more generally, from all over the Middle East, towards European shores, in order to make Brussels and the European chancelleries relent. . This strategy, which allowed Ankara to negotiate a €6 billion compensation agreement to keep these migrants on its soil. Obviously, the method has been emulated, since according to Lithuanian Interior Minister Agnė Bilotaitė, Minsk would now use a similar method to respond to European sanctions and in particular to the support provided by Lithuania to Belarusian opponents in exile. Corn…

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