The European Union deploys a cyber rapid reaction team to protect Ukraine

About ten days ago, several ministerial sites and the 3 most important Ukrainian banks were targeted by a massive cyber attack of the denial of access type, or DDOS. For nearly 24 hours, the communication capacities and services of these structures were thus paralyzed by this attack, the origin of which was attributed to groups of Russian hackers. In the current context of extreme tensions, the capacity for the Ukrainian authorities to maintain functional communication channels with the population and to maintain active banking services for the population, is as decisive as the operational military responses of its…

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The new ambitions of European Structured Permanent Cooperation

The Permanent Structured European Cooperation, or PESCO, is undeniably one of the major advances obtained in the field of Defense within the European Union. Launched in December 2017, it allows European industrialists and political actors to cooperate to develop new programs, whether purely technological or industrial, with the aim of avoiding the multiplication of similar programs within the European Union, and therefore expenditure deemed irrelevant because it is redundant between members. The first list of projects was presented on March 6, 2018, and focused above all on support programs, in the field of training, simulation,…

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DARPA is commissioning technologies to reassemble the US electricity grid, victim of cyber attacks

The great vulnerability of the electric grid allowing to distribute the electric current in the whole of the United States, is a major subject of concern for the leaders and the American soldiers. The gigantic blackout of 2003, linked to cascading phenomena originating in procedural errors within the company FirstEnergy, and which deprived nearly 50 million Americans and Canadians of power, confirmed what the authorities Americans had known since 1965, and the great New York blackout. Apart from accidents, mishandling or terrorist acts, one of the main threats to this inherently unstable network is…

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Estonian Milrem Robotics develops a "Loyal Wingman" for armored vehicles

For a little over three years, the Loyal Wingman or Remote Carrier concept has established itself as an indispensable component of the design of combat aircraft in the years to come. These discreet and fast drones will have the function of supporting piloted aircraft by carrying sensors and ammunition, and taking risks in their place if necessary. All the major military aeronautical nations are involved in this technological race, with the Remote Carrier of the European SCAF and Tempest programs, the American Skyborg and Longshot, the Australian Loyal Wingman or the Russian Grom. Much more than stealth or…

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Estonia, first EU state to strengthen French forces Barkhane

There are symbols that matter, and this is one of them. Estonia has decided to send a contingent of 50 men to support the French forces in Operation Barkhane. It is the first state in the European Union to deploy operational troops to support the French effort, and it is paradoxical to note that it is one of the countries that is most under Russian pressure. With the British who will envy 3 CH-47 Chinook heavy helicopters next, it will therefore be 3 European countries that will intervene operationally in Operation Barkhane. It should however be remembered that Belgium had, during Operation Serval, detached from the beginning of…

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