Iraq, Serbia, Colombia: The Rafale still on the offensive on export markets

2021 will have been, without a doubt, the year of the Rafale, with 188 aircraft ordered for export by Greece (18+6 units), Croatia (12 aircraft), Egypt (30 aircraft), the UAE (80 aircraft) and Indonesia (42 aircraft), in addition to the 96 Rafale previously ordered by Egypt (24 aircraft), Qatar (24+12 aircraft) and India (36 aircraft) . In doing so, the flagship of Dassault Aviation and of the entire French aeronautical industry, is approaching the export scores of its predecessor, the Mirage 2000 with 284 aircraft ordered by 7 countries, against 298 aircraft ordered by 8 countries for the 2000. However, the French aircraft manufacturer does not intend to stop…

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After Belgium, Colombia is preparing to order the CAESAR mounted cannon from French Nexter

Since entering service in 2008, the Canon Equipped with a Nexter Artillery System, or CAESAR, has met with significant operational and commercial success. Successfully employed by French gunners in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon and Mali, and by its international users in Cambodia (Thailand) and Yemen (Saudi Arabia), the French system has demonstrated excellent operational qualities, combining high mobility at high reach (up to 40 km with ERFB shells, more than 50 km with added propulsion shells), as well as high accuracy even with unguided shells. These qualities were put to good use by the French artillery…

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Colombia becomes a "major ally" of the United States

The war in Ukraine has generated a certain radicalization at the level of international relations, in Europe of course, but also on the whole planet. In this context, President Maduro's Venezuela did not fail to play an important card, by displaying unfailing support for Moscow from the outset of the conflict, and by systematically voting against the texts targeting the Russian Federation at the United Nations. . For Caracas, it is a question of securing the good graces of the Kremlin, whose military support and in terms of arms exports are essential to maintaining the regime in place. If the rapprochement with Moscow and Beijing dates from…

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What is the deferred Rafale contract that Dassault CEO Eric Trappier referred to?

On the occasion of the presentation of the half-year results to the group's shareholders, Eric Trappier, CEO of Dassault Aviation since 2013, referred to a contract relating to the sale of Rafale aircraft for export, a contract which would have been postponed until due to the health crisis linked to COVID-19, without specifying which country this potentially imminent order for the French plane came from. The opportunity of course to take an overview of the competitions and negotiations in progress involving the Rafale, to deduce, if possible, who could be this mysterious client to which Eric Trappier referred La Suisse Après la 2014 vote...

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