Argentina is interested in the Israeli Kfir and the Sino-Pakistani JF-17 to modernize its air forces

Prior to the Falklands War, in 1983, the Argentine Air Force fielded nearly a hundred modern Dassault Mirage IIIEA, IAI Dagger (unlicensed copy of the Mirage V) and A-4B/C/P Skyhawk fighters, while the naval air forces had about twenty A-4Q Skyhawk aircraft and 6 Dassault Super-Etendards, making it one of the most powerful and best equipped air forces in South America. If the Falklands War heavily dented these numbers, with the loss of 22 Skyhawks, 11 Daggers and 2 Mirage IIIs, it was mainly Western sanctions and the consequences of repeated economic crises...

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Argentina takes one step closer to acquiring Chinese-Pakistani JF-17 Block III fighters

Since the end of the Falklands War, the Argentine government has faced an unfailing blockade from London to prevent it from acquiring new combat aircraft. It is true that with two destroyers, two frigates, a container ship and a Royal Navy assault ship to be credited to Argentine pilots at the controls of their Mirage, Skyhawk and Super-Etendard, we understand that the The hypothesis of seeing Buenos Aires once again acquire a modern air force may hardly please the British authorities. Since all Western combat aircraft are equipped with ejection seats from the British manufacturer Martin Baker, the opposition of…

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Argentina suspends order for FA-50 Golden Eagle aircraft from South Korea due to Covid-19

According to a statement from South Korean aircraft manufacturer KAI, Buenos Aires has suspended the order of FA-50 Golden Eagle fighter jets announced but not confirmed last July, and which were to replace the A4 Skyhawk attack planes still in service. According to the South Korean manufacturer, the decision would result from the consequences of the Covid-19 coronavirus epidemic. The country announces just over 1600 confirmed cases and 54 deaths to date, but its economy is still greatly affected by 10 years of an unprecedented economic crisis. According to the statement, the order is not canceled, but simply suspended indefinitely. Despite its severe economic difficulties, Argentina had begun a…

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