Canada could modernize CF-18 Hornets until replacement by new fighters

Like Finland and Switzerland, Canada should very soon choose the new fighter plane that will replace its fleet of F / A-18 Hornets, locally redesignated CF-188 or CF-18A +.…

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The Covid-19 epidemic delays competition for Canada's new fighter plane, and could disrupt large numbers of tenders around the world

For several months already, we have returned in detail to the upheavals induced by the Covid-19 epidemic on the defense sector, whether by disrupting the…

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Does the Gripen E / F presented by Saab have the slightest chance in Canada?

This Monday, March 2, the Swedish industrialist Saab officially confirmed his candidacy for the Canadian invitation to tender aiming at the replacement of 88 F / A-18 Hornet combat aircraft (designated CF-188 locally). For…

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Royal Canadian Navy: modernization of the four Victoria-class submarines

The Royal Canadian Navy admitted to service between 2000 and 20004 the four Victoria-class submarines whose operational readiness would hit the headlines. It barely became ...

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Airbus withdraws from competition to replace Canadian CF-18

Airbus DS, a member of the Eurofighter consortium in charge of marketing the Typhoon, and the British authorities who were tendering it to the Canadian authorities announced in a statement that ...

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Canadian Tender to Replace F18 Still Constrained by F35 Program

One thing is certain, Canadian authorities do not want the Lockheed-Martin F35 to replace its aging F18. If the American plane is still officially a candidate for the Ottawa program at ...

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