Boeing's Super Hornet leaves Canadian competition through the back door

For ten years, Lockheed-Martin's F-35 Lighting II has imposed itself in all the competitions in which it has participated. If the conditions of these victories are often subject to discussion, it is nonetheless true that the American apparatus, despite its weaknesses and its many faults, has always managed to convince the officials in charge of choosing, for their respective countries, the aircraft that will be the spearhead of their air force for the next 50 years. Canada will probably be no exception to the rule, since after the withdrawal of Dassault Aviation and its Rafale, then Airbus…

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Canada unveils characteristics of its next-generation frigates

In 2018, Ottawa awarded the British BAe one of the largest military shipbuilding contracts of the past 20 years, for the design and construction of 15 new generation frigates of the Canadian Surface Combattante program, or CSC. Based on the design of the Type 26 frigates, which will equip the Royal Navy but also the Royal Australian Navy, the exact characteristics of the CSCs were previously unknown. This is no longer the case, since the Royal Canadian Navy published this week a document presenting in detail what these combatant surface ships will be, which will obviously have nothing to envy to their…

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Canada suspends export of key components of Turkish drone TB2 Bayraktar

The Turkish-made TB2 Bayraktar combat drone has undeniably demonstrated its operational effectiveness in recent months, whether in Syria, Libya or Nagorno-Karabakh. In particular, it showed great precision, both in guiding artillery strikes and in the use of its own light MAM ammunition, dealing serious blows to enemy defences, including in the face of modern anti-aircraft systems such as the Pantsir S1. But if the drone is obviously a success of the Turkish aeronautical industry, its components are, on the other hand, for many imported from Ankara's "allies" within NATO. This is particularly the case…

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Canada could modernize CF-18 Hornets until replacement by new fighters

Like Finland and Switzerland, Canada should very soon choose the new fighter plane that will replace its fleet of F/A-18 Hornets, locally redesignated CF-188 or CF-18A+. If the date for submitting application files has been postponed by a few months due to the Covid-19 epidemic, the 88 new Canadian fighter planes are still expected by 2025, with an end of deliveries in 2035. This schedule, however, means that the current CF-18 Hornets will have to play the extensions at least until 2030, and very probably beyond, the time that the new aircraft are not only received but also fully...

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The Covid-19 epidemic delays competition for Canada's new fighter plane, and could disrupt large numbers of tenders around the world

For several months already, we have gone back in detail to the upheavals induced by the Covid-19 epidemic on the defense sector, whether by disrupting operational schedules, by threatening defense investments, by leading to the cancellation of major international fairs or by directly impacting military personnel. But the epidemic has also interrupted a good part of the industrial activities of the defense sector, to the point of delaying certain deliveries of equipment, but also the conduct of a certain number of calls for tenders. Earlier this week, we learned that the Royal Canadian Air Force (Royal Canadian Air Force) announced that it…

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Canadian Pentagon Company Claims Covid19 Coronavirus Vaccine

The Canadian bioengineering company Medicago announced yesterday, through its CEO Bruce Clark, that it had developed a vaccine against the Covid19 coronavirus which is now affecting many Europeans hard. In addition, he says his lab's innovative manufacturing method would make it possible to produce 10 million doses a day, adding that production could start from November. In 2010, Medicago obtained several tens of millions of dollars as part of a DARPA-funded research program to build a research and production site in North Carolina, after having demonstrated…

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Does the Gripen E / F presented by Saab have the slightest chance in Canada?

This Monday, March 2, the Swedish manufacturer Saab officially confirmed its candidacy for the Canadian call for tenders aimed at replacing 88 F/A-18 Hornet combat aircraft (designated CF-188 locally). For this, Saab offers its Gripen E/F, a modernized version of the Gripen C/D also offered in Finland to replace, here too, the F/A-18 Hornet. In itself, the announcement is not a surprise, Saab having never hidden its intention to apply in Canada. In the end, the Swede will be the only European candidate for this competition, where he will face the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet from Boeing and the F-35 from Lockheed Martin. Indeed, Dassault Aviation had announced its…

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Canadian Tender to Replace F18 Still Constrained by F35 Program

One thing is certain, the Canadian authorities do not want Lockheed-Martin's F35 to replace its aging F18s. If the American plane is still officially a candidate for the Ottawa program alongside the JAS 39, the Typhoon and the Super Hornet (Dassault Aviation having decided to withdraw from the call for tenders), it is clear that it is not favored by the Trudeau administration, even though the country was a partner in the program from its launch, and has, for this, industrial compensation. Two factors act together in this melodrama between Washington and Ottawa. In the first place, the American aeronautical companies like the federal State had undertaken in…

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