Barkhane: six months after the Pau Summit, what effects on the Sahelian theater?

On January 13, 2020, the Pau Summit was held to restore momentum to a demoralized and destabilized G5 Sahel under the aggressive attacks of the Armed Terrorist Groups (GAT). A few months later we observe encouraging effects on the ground, both by the pressure exerted on the GATs and by the rise in power of the Sahelian armies. At the beginning of 2020, Operation Barkhane lost its legitimacy in proportion to the losses suffered by the Sahelian armies, and criticism from French public opinion. The Pau Summit did not change the Desired Final Effect (EFR) of Operation Barkhane: hold…

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In Niger, anti-terrorist strikes demonstrate the complementarity between Mirage 2000D and armed drone MQ-9 Reaper

In its latest weekly report, the General Staff of the Armed Forces gave details of an operation carried out on March 12 in the so-called “three borders” area, between Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso. While a Nigerian guard post was attacked by a substantial terrorist group in the Ayourou sector, the French forces of Operation Barkhane deployed significant air resources in the area. In support of the Niger Armed Forces, the Air Force sent an armed MQ-9 Reaper drone as well as a patrol of Mirage 2000D fighters. Two strikes were reportedly carried out, allowing the neutralization of around twenty terrorists and…

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Two French soldiers killed in hostage release operation in Burkina Fasso

On the night of May 9 to 10, French special forces, with the support of soldiers from Operation Barkhane, Burkinabe forces and US intelligence, carried out an operation to free 4 Western hostages, including two French kidnapped in Benin. on May 1, and whose body of the guide was found the next day. According to the press release from the Ministry of the Armed Forces, the operation allowed the release of the hostages, but two special forces operators, petty officers of the marine commandos, lost their lives in the offensive. The operation was carried out by elements of the Hubert commando.

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