UAE Mirage 2000-9 interests Morocco and Egypt

There are signs that do not deceive. Barely a week after the announcement made of the order of 80 Rafale by the air force of the United Arab Emirates, that the sixty Mirage 2000-9 acquired at the end of the 90s by the country, and which must precisely be replaced by the Rafales ordered, would have already found takers. Indeed, according to several sources of information, it appears that Egypt, but also Morocco, would have approached Abu Dhabi in order to acquire these fighter planes which still have a remarkable operational potential. If Cairo's request is not surprising, the air force...

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Is the Mediterranean again an area of ​​concentration of forces?

Traditionally, when we think of geographical areas under tension where many military forces are present, it is common to refer to the Middle East and the Persian Gulf, or more recently to the Western Pacific, especially around the China Sea. . On the other hand, the Mediterranean, and in particular the eastern Mediterranean, which was between the Second World War and the end of the 60s one of the most active areas militarily speaking, has since slipped, in the overall perception, towards the status of a secure area, allowing a significant commercial traffic. But for the past decade, many nations bordering the Mediterranean, as well as others there…

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With a new sale in Morocco, the Boeing AH-64 Apache confirms its status as a world best seller

The case had been going on for almost a year already. In 2019, following the purchase of new F-16s, the Kingdom of Morocco announced its intention to acquire AH-64 Apache combat helicopters from the American Boeing. Since the failure of the French Rafale sale in 2006, and despite the acquisition of a French FREMM frigate, Rabat now seems resolutely turned towards cooperation with the United States in terms of defense and arms purchases. Last November, Washington quite logically authorized a sale of 36 Apache helicopters via the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) procedure, which guarantees low prices and fast deliveries. Only remained in Morocco at…

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New arms orders for Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia

In North Africa, the last fifteen years have seen the Algerian and Moroccan armed forces modernize in depth. If the balance of forces between the two neighboring countries has not particularly evolved between the two countries, their land, air and naval forces are now equipped with modern and efficient equipment. As the European powers experienced at the same time a reduction in their means and manpower, Morocco and especially Algeria saw by contrast their strategic importance grow in the Mediterranean region. For some years now, however, the arms race between the two countries seems to have settled down. The big contracts follow one another…

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The F-16 aligns commercial success, far from the eyes of European manufacturers

Clearly, the American light fighter, designed in the 70s and relentlessly modernized since, has continued to achieve commercial success for several years. After Taiwan, which wishes to acquire 66 F16Vs, the proposal made to New Delhi to manufacture a hundred F-21s, the ultimate version of the F-16 specially designed for the Indian Air Force, and after having taken control of all the armies of the European air, with the exception of the few countries able to afford aircraft at over €80m each, it is Morocco's turn to prepare to place an order for a new batch of 25 F16VC/D Block 72 accompanied by the modernization of 23 F16…

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The 6me FREMM, Normandy, begins its trials at sea.

Barely a week after the entry into service of the frigate Bretagne, 5th unit of the FREMM class, it is Normandy's turn to begin its sea trials. The FREMM Normandie is the 6th unit of the class of multi-mission frigates. Like Brittany, it will have sold off its 16 medium-range Aster 15 anti-aircraft missiles for long-range Aster-30 missiles, the same equipping the Forbin-class Horizon air defense frigates, and the 2 future Air Defense FREMMs, Alsace and Lorraine, which will enter service in 2021 and 2022 respectively. The Brittany and Normandy FREMMs retain…

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