German frigate Hamburg boarding Turkish ship heading for Libya

Since the Turkish intervention in Libya and especially the deployment of the flotilla centered around the mining exploration vessel Orus Reis in the Eastern Mediterranean, Berlin had taken the part of a position of appeasement and conciliation with Ankara, a posture sometimes badly accepted in Greece as in France. But it seems that, from now on, the German authorities have chosen to show more firmness vis-à-vis Turkey. Indeed, the German frigate Hamburg, participating in the European operation Irini aimed at preventing the transfer of arms and combatants to Libya, intercepted the 16.000-ton container ship Roselina-A flying the Turkish flag 200 km off the Libyan coast. ,…

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Turkey at the heart of a node of polymorphic crises in the Eastern Mediterranean

By misuse of language, reference is generally made to the strong tensions between Greece and Cyprus and Turkey when it comes to the crisis in the Eastern Mediterranean. This theater concentrates, in reality, a large number of actors, all with different objectives, and yet all in tension as a result of the out-of-control behavior of the Turkish president in the area. France, Russia, Egypt, Israel, European Union, all are today involved in a crisis which could have considerable implications. President Erdogan has indeed launched, in recent years, a series of military operations and troop movements that have led all of his neighbors, such as…

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Egyptian parliament authorizes deployment of fighting military forces in Libya

The Egyptian parliament unanimously authorized, on Monday July 26, the deployment of Egyptian combat forces in Libya to "protect the country and its interests" in the face of the push by the forces of the Government of National Accord (GNA in English) of Tripoli supported by the Turkish armed forces and militias, against the forces of General Khalifa Haftar, threatening in particular the city of Sirte and the Al-Jufra air base, two strategic sites for Cairo, which had already declared in the past that it would not hesitate to intervene if GNA forces were to threaten them. For the authorities of Tripoli, the only body recognized by…

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Russia and Turkey more antagonistic than ever

It will become more and more delicate to play the cordial agreement between the Russian president Vladimir Putin and his Turkish counterpart RT Erdogan, so much the zones of confrontation multiply between the two countries. Because after Syria and the clashes between loyalist Syrian forces supported by Moscow and Islamist paramilitary forces supported by Ankara, and the increasingly direct involvement of the two countries in the Libyan conflict, each supporting a side, it is now the turn of the confrontation between Armenia and Azerbaijan to crystallize the strong antagonisms between Moscow and Ankara. For the past few days, military engagements between Azeri forces, actively supported…

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Faced with Turkish interference in Libya, Egypt could once again buy heavy weapons in France

While diplomatic and commercial relations between France and Egypt have been at their worst since January 2019, it would seem that Turkey's actions in Libya and the Mediterranean have ended up bringing Cairo and Paris closer together, annoyed by the interference of 'Ankara in the region. This is in any case what reports Michel Cabirol, of the newspaper "La Tribune", always well informed on this file. From 2013, France quickly became one of Egypt's main arms suppliers. In a few years, Paris sold Cairo two Mistral-type helicopter carriers, a FREMM frigate, four Gowind corvettes (including three built on…

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Turkish drones in Syria and Libya reportedly destroyed around 1 Pantsir-SXNUMX air defense systems

Commissioned in the early 2010s, the Russian Pantsir-S1 medium-range anti-aircraft defense system quickly presented itself as a formidable opponent for any air force. Particularly complete, mobile and economical to purchase, the Pantsir-S1 could be purchased in large quantities and represented a small bubble of protection against any air vector: plane, drone, missiles, helicopters. In any case, this is how its designer, the KBP design office, has long presented the Pantsir-S1, heir to a long tradition of mobile air defense systems. In recent months, however, operational realities have overtaken commercial discourse. Widely engaged in Syria and…

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Could the Libyan civil war redefine modern air combat? Part 2/2

This article is the second part of a reflection started in a previous article available here. In recent months, the Libyan civil war has intensified on several fronts, including the conduct of air and anti-aircraft operations. In the camp of the ANL as in that of the GNA, the mini-drones were gradually supplemented by tactical drones, then by armed MALE drones. In the first part of this article, published yesterday, we explained how the use of armed drones to carry out targeted strikes led each side to acquire modern anti-aircraft systems. The latter, particularly expensive, have in turn been…

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Could the Libyan civil war redefine modern air combat? Part 1/2

Since the Western intervention in Libya in 2011, and even more so since 2014, the country has been plunged into a protean civil war based on real geopolitical chaos. Over time, tensions have crystallized between two factions that both claim control of the entire Libyan territory: the Government of National Unity (GNA) based in Tripoli, and the Libyan National Army (ANL) of the Marshal Haftar, who is trying to seize the country's historic capital. In recent years, foreign interventions in support of one or the other of the two camps have multiplied and radically changed in scope. Force deployments...

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Renewed tensions between Paris and Ankara over Libya and Cyprus

Relations between French President E. Macron and his counterpart RT Erdogan have already been very undiplomatic in recent months, both regarding the Turkish intervention in northern Syria and the policy of fait accompli that is trying to implement the Ottoman authorities around the huge gas field discovered near Cyprus, and which depends on the independent part of the island, a member of the European Union. But in recent days, tensions have taken a new step, when the French president openly accused RT Erdogan of not respecting his commitments in Libya, by fueling the conflict with mercenaries…

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