Will the sale of F35A to the UAE limit the performance of devices offered to Switzerland or Finland?

A few days before the American presidential election, President Trump seems to be using all his power to speed up the procedure relating to the sale of the F35A fighter to the Arab Emirates ...

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Qatar prepares to boost air power after first F-15QA flight

According to the Qatari Defense Ministry, the first of thirty-six F-15QA Advanced Eagles ordered from Boeing in 2017 made its maiden flight on April 13 at the plant ...

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Nexter's VBCI contract in Qatar for 2 billion euros would be seriously threatened

According to Michel Cabirol, the defense specialist of the economic site La Tribune, the contract for the acquisition of 490 Armored Infantry Combat Vehicles by Qatar, announced ...

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Qatar orders US $ 2,2 billion in missiles from Raytheon

The emirate of Qatar does not stop signing checks to strengthen its military force. After having ordered, in quick succession, 36 Rafale in France, 24 Typhoon in the United Kingdom,…

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Where is MESA, NATO Middle East?

The US administration has been working hard for several months to try to emerge the MESA, or Middle East Strategic Alliance, a military alliance linking 8 Arab countries (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Egypt and Jordan ) in the United States in a military alliance inspired by NATO, with as unifying point the Iranian threat.

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