Israel, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and UAE reportedly discuss military alliance against Iran

The enemy of my enemy is my friend, says an Italian proverb. And it is true that there is nothing more effective than a pressing and major threat to bring nations that everything has opposed up to now, to discover links and form alliances. One naturally thinks of the United States and the Soviet Union during the Second World War, but such examples are strewn throughout the history of humanity, beyond continents, eras and cultures. However, imagine only a few months ago that Jerusalem, Riyadh, Abu Dhabi and Manama could negotiate, albeit unofficially, a military alliance outside of American supervision,...

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These tacit clauses that accompany the agreement between Israel and Abu Dabi

The diplomatic agreement signed on August 13 between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, which the readers of Meta-Defense could however anticipate, has undoubtedly reshuffled the cards on the Middle Eastern theater, creating a militarily powerful axis to counter possible regional aspirations of Tehran, or the dangerous maneuvers of Qatar and its Turkish ally. Axis which Bahrain joined a few days ago, in turn signing an agreement with Jerusalem. However, beyond the agreement itself, with its share of diplomatic actions and commercial relations, there are also, obviously, unwritten, yet very valid clauses linking the two...

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Bahrain ready to join "Patriot PAC-3" club

The US federal authorities have authorized the Kingdom of Bahrain to acquire two complete batteries of the PATRIOT PAC-3 anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense system, for an amount of around $2,5 billion, following Manama's request made in beginning of May. Bahrain will be the 6th country in the Middle East to deploy the Raytheon system, after Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait and Israel, representing half of the PAC-3 operators in the world. Despite sometimes questionable performance, the PAC-3 has established itself as the anti-aircraft and especially anti-missile system of choice for the allies of the United States. In 2018,…

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