Russia strengthens its naval system in the eastern Mediterranean facing Syria

Yesterday, an air raid, officially attributed to the Damascus regime, killed at least 33 Turkish soldiers, leading to a rapid response from Ankara, as well as the emergency meeting of ambassadors from the 29 NATO member countries at the request from Turkey. While Moscow seems engaged in several initiatives aimed at de-escalation, there is no indication that the Kremlin is ready to hold back its ally regarding the recapture of the city of Idlib, as well as a possible reduction in air support for Syrian forces. It is therefore no surprise that we learn today, through a press release from the Tass Agency, that the two frigates of the…

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Pro-Turkish rebels to use at least one T90A tank captured at Idlib

The information is confusing. Indeed, according to several observations, the pro-Turkish rebel paramilitary forces deployed around the Syrian city of Idlib, the site of a latent confrontation between the Damascus regime supported by Russia, and the forces coordinated by Ankara, at least one T90A tank believed to have been captured in the fighting, after being abandoned by its Syrian crew. The T90A represents, in fact, the most powerful combat tanks in service with the Russian forces, pending the modernized version T90M, and especially the T-14 Armata. Also, Western services would never have managed to get their hands on…

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Imminent Turkish assault on Syria upsets global alliances

Statements about an imminent massive attack by Turkish forces against Russian-backed Damascus regime forces around the northern Syrian city of Idleb continue to provoke backlash within global alliances, to the point of potentially profoundly upsetting the global geopolitical landscape in the months to come. It should be recalled that following the offensive led by forces loyal to Bashar Al Assad's regime towards the Syrian city of Idleb, at the hands of Islamist militias supported by Ankara, clashes between the regular forces of the two camps resulted in several dozen …

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Are Turkish forces planning a major offensive in Syria?

Following the serious clashes on February 11 between the Syrian armed forces on their way to retake the city of Idlib, and the Turkish army present around the city, which killed more than 125 people on both sides, the President Turkish RT Erdogan had promised, on February 12, a massive and widespread response to strike the Syrian forces “wherever they are”. It now appears that the Turkish Armed Forces are indeed preparing to walk the talk. Indeed, according to Arabic-language media quoted by the Tass agency, a military convoy of more than 300 trucks and armored vehicles would have been…

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Facing Russia, is Turkey, a NATO member, playing with fire in Syria?

The confrontation between the regular Syrian forces of Bashar Al Assad, supported by Russia, and Turkey, reached a new level at the start of the week. According to a statement from the Turkish Defense Ministry, the country's armed forces have "neutralized" more than a hundred Syrian soldiers, as well as 3 tanks, 2 artillery positions and a helicopter belonging to the Syrian armed forces. This engagement was triggered in response to an attack launched Monday morning by the Syrian forces, and having cost the lives of at least 5 Turkish soldiers, and injuring as many soldiers. Unlike previous clashes, which mainly opposed the…

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Turkish President RT Erdogan threatens Russia with intervention against Idlib city

For more than a week, the Syrian forces loyal to Bashar Al Assad, supported by the Russian air force, have started an offensive towards the city of Idlib, with the aim of regaining control of this city still in the hands of the pro-Turkish Islamic paramilitary forces. But this offensive is not to the liking of Turkish President RT Erdogan, who fears a new influx of refugees. This is the reason why the latter is now threatening Syria and its Russian ally with a new intervention in northern Syria, aimed at putting an end to the Damascus offensive. The cordial understanding between Ankara and Moscow seems to…

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Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates could intervene in Syria

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubier told a United Nations press conference that the Saudi Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates were considering deploying troops from the Islamic Military Alliance to Syria. This intervention echoes the statements of Prince Mohammed Ben Salman, the strongman of the kingdom and crown prince, during his tour of Europe 10 days ago. The objective of this deployment would be to prevent Iran from solidifying its control over Syria, while the Revolutionary Guards have constituted one of the largest contingents having enabled Bashar al Assad to regain control in Syria.…

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Rapid deterioration of the situation in Syria following the use of chemical weapons

As evidence of the use of chemical weapons in Douma on April 7 mounts, and France and the United States have called for an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council, a missile attack on the Syrian air base of Tiyas, also called T4, was carried out on the night of April 8 to 9, causing more than a dozen deaths among the Syrian and Iranian soldiers present on the spot. After initially accusing the United States and France, Russia, and Syria, now point the finger at Israel, whose two F-15s allegedly fired 8 cruise missiles against this base, in order to prevent “the…

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