Su-35, S-400… Saudi Arabia puts pressure on Washington

On January 28, just a few days after taking the oath, US President Joe Biden announced that he was suspending US support for the military intervention in Yemen ...

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Biden administration suspends arms exports to Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates

As we have already mentioned on several occasions, former US President Donald Trump was not stingy with pitfalls for his successor, both in the field of ...

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Can France export its future NG Nuclear Aircraft Carrier?

French President Emmanuel Macron confirmed, this Tuesday, December 8, the official launch of the New Generation Nuclear Aircraft Carrier program intended to replace the Charles de ...

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Israel reportedly anticipates US strike on Iran before Donald Trump's term ends

Is this a way to try to contain a possible response from Tehran following the assassination of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, this scientist designated as being the father of the Iranian nuclear program, shot down ...

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USAF and US Navy use AC-130W gunship to counter new naval threats in Persian Gulf

From March 8 to 9, the American armed forces demonstrated in the Persian Gulf the possibility of using a “gunship” aircraft for maritime support operations. The test…

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Airbus and Eurofighter Typhoon face new setbacks in Middle East

Clearly, the export successes of the Eurofighter Typhoon seem to be accompanied by repeated legal scandals. After the investigations into the Saudi contract, buried under a layer of defense secrets and ...

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Will the United States offer the F35 to the Middle East?

This is in any case what we can deduce from it by learning from Lockheed-Martin and the US Air Force that the F35A and the F22 will both participate in the next ...

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