USAF and US Navy use AC-130W gunship to counter new naval threats in the Persian Gulf

From March 8 to 9, the American armed forces demonstrated in the Persian Gulf the possibility of using a “gunship” aircraft for maritime support operations. The test…

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Airbus and Eurofighter Typhoon face new setbacks in the Middle East

Clearly, the export success of the Eurofighter Typhoon seems to be accompanied by repeated legal scandals. After the investigations into the Saudi contract, buried under a layer of secret defense and ...

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Will the United States offer the F35 to the Middle East?

This is in any case what can be deduced by learning from Lockheed-Martin and the US Air Force that F35A and F22 will both participate in the next ...

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Attack on Saudi oil facilities reportedly carried out by Iranian weapons

According to the spokesman of the Iranian Armed Forces, Colonel Turki al-Malki, the attack on Saturday 14 September 2019 was allegedly carried out by weapons of Iranian origin, according to preliminary results of ...

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An agreement between Sunni Nations and Israel against Iran is possible according to Mossad

Mossad's secretive director, Israel's secret service, Yosef Cohen, told the Herzliya conference on security issues in the Middle East that his services had been ...

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