Rafale order from UAE could lead to new short-term contracts

The order for 80 Rafale aircraft signed last Friday by the United Arab Emirates has profoundly upset the industrial dynamics around the French combat aircraft, by securing the sustainability and production of the assembly line over the next ten years, and by putting the Rafale and the F35 on an equal footing, Abu Dhabi having confirmed that it was still determined to acquire the 50 American combat aircraft from Lockheed-Martin to evolve alongside the new French aircraft. But this order also puts several partners of France under pressure, who had signified a potential intention to order the device, so…

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After Afghanistan, the United States announces the withdrawal of its troops from Iraq

US President Joe Biden, during the visit of Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi to the White House, announced that the United States intended to withdraw its troops from his country by the end of the year, after the announcement of the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan which began on May 1 and is due to end on September 11. According to the American president, the American forces will remain available to support the authorities and the Iraqi armies, in particular for the training of these, but the 2.500 men still present in the country will be withdrawn on a shortened schedule, to allow, according to him , to focus on more pressing challenges,…

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Belarus reportedly uses Syrian and Iraqi migrants against Lithuania

For several years, Turkish President RT Erdogan used the threat of releasing waves of migrants from Syria, Iraq and more generally, from all over the Middle East, towards European shores, in order to make Brussels and the European chancelleries relent. . This strategy, which allowed Ankara to negotiate a €6 billion compensation agreement to keep these migrants on its soil. Obviously, the method has been emulated, since according to Lithuanian Interior Minister Agnė Bilotaitė, Minsk would now use a similar method to respond to European sanctions and in particular to the support provided by Lithuania to Belarusian opponents in exile. Corn…

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Will 2021 be the year of the Rafale?

In 2007, the French Minister of Defense of the Fillon government, Hervé Morin, was full of criticism and reservations about the Rafale program: too powerful, too technological, the Dassault Aviation plane was above all too expensive, while the Europe was engaged in a rapid deflation of the armed forces and especially of the budget allocated to Defence. It is true that at that time, France maintained excellent relations with Moscow as well as with Beijing, and the commitments of the French armies seemed to be limited to counter-insurgency interventions such as in Afghanistan. 14 years later, this same aircraft could well record an exceptional year in…

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US Forces in Middle East on High Alert for Fear of Iranian Retaliation

After Israel, and without much surprise, it is the turn of the American armed forces positioned in the Persian Gulf and nearby to be put on alert. Indeed, according to the confidences of an American official collected by the Politico.com site, the United States would have detected intriguing warning signs linked to the preparation of Iranian attacks, in particular on the part of Iranian militias present in Iraq. . The Pentagon seems to take these threats very seriously, whether they are retaliation for the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh in the suburbs of Tehran by an apparently well-trained and prepared armed group, an attack attributed by Iran at the Mossad...

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Israel reportedly anticipates US strike on Iran before Donald Trump's term ends

Is this a way to try to contain a possible response from Tehran following the assassination of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, this scientist designated as the father of the Iranian nuclear program, killed on November 28 in the suburbs of Tehran by an armed commando while he was traveling on the highway, an assassination attributed to the Israeli secret services by Tehran? Be that as it may, according to the Israeli news site Axios, citing statements by Jewish state officials, the Israeli armed forces are anticipating, in the coming weeks and before the end of President Trump's presidential term, US strikes against Iranian nuclear facilities. According to the site, although…

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Iranian missile accuracy would rely on Russian GLONASS system

The precision of the Iranian strikes on the Iraqi bases on January 8 surprised many specialists in the military question. According to the Israeli site DebkaFile.com, which specializes in intelligence and geopolitical issues, this precision was obtained thanks to the Russian geolocation system GLONASS, equivalent to the American GPS system. Indeed, according to several Russian sites quoting military sources, Tehran would have integrated this geolocation system into its ballistic missiles, giving them an accuracy of around 10 meters, which corresponds to the observations made on the satellite photos following the attack. . For now, both American and Israeli intelligence services cannot…

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Iranian missile strike precision debated

Iranian missile strikes on Al Asad and Idlib bases in retaliation for drone attack that claimed the life of Revolutionary Guards commander General Suleimani, authorities say no casualties American, Iraqi and even French. According to corroborating information, Tehran would have informed the Iraqi Prime Minister, Adel Abdel-Mehdi, of the imminence of the strikes two hours before they take place, as well as the targets, so as to allow the forces present to s 'remove. By doing so, Tehran created a favorable context for de-escalation, which was quickly seized upon by President Trump. If we don't…

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