Beijing strengthens the capabilities of its air bases against Taiwan

In recent weeks, the Chinese press, including English-language news sites controlled by Beijing, has multiplied more or less direct and detailed threats against the island of Taiwan and its authorities presented as "secessionists". If we should not give much importance to the bellicose editorials and exacerbated postures of, it is quite different from the information indicating that Beijing had undertaken important work on the 3 military aerodromes which face the pass of Taiwan, in order to significantly increase its operational, reception and defense capacities. Indeed, according to recent satellite observations, the airfields of Longtian, Huian and Zhangzhou, all three…

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US soldiers have been deployed for more than a year on the island of Taiwan

Since 1979, and the dissolution of the US Taiwan Defense Command on the altar of the normalization of relations between Washington and Beijing, the United States had officially withdrawn all of their forces present on the island of Taiwan since the rupture between the authorities of the island and the People's Republic of China in 1949. And if the United States had always respected, more or less zealously, the commitment made to Taipei to guarantee the security of the island, no American military had been deployed there since, in order to respect the commitments made to the Chinese authorities. Officially at least, since according to a Wall Street article…

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Ukraine, Taiwan: will the United States change its posture vis-à-vis Russia and China?

The global geopolitical map today is still largely conditioned by agreements signed during or just after the Cold War, and has been very effectively staged by Moscow and Beijing over the past 20 years, without either the United States or the West in general, have shown any determination to oppose it. This is how the Sino-American agreements around the case of the island of Taiwan were negotiated from the beginning of the 70s, with the aim of removing Beijing from the equation of the Cold War and the Soviet camp, and this even though the island had no intention of joining the People's Republic...

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52 Chinese fighter jets entered the Taiwanese air traffic control zone

The Chinese air force carried out, between October 1 and 2 on the occasion of the country's national holiday, an unprecedented show of force near the island of Taiwan, causing several take-offs of Taiwanese fighter planes, and vigorous protest from the Taipei authorities. On October 1, a first formation of 18 J-16 fighter bombers accompanied by 4 Su-30 fighter bombers, as well as two H-6 bombers and a Y-8 Maritime patrol aircraft carried out a first exercise south of the Taiwanese air control zone. A few hours later, on the night of the 1st…

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The weight of geographic constraints on Chinese naval military development

Guest article by Noam Hakoune in permanent full access For the months of July and August 2021, the very influential journal Foreign Affairs asked itself the question of whether China could continuously grow.[1] It is indeed the inevitability of Beijing's growth that has haunted all American strategists since the intrusion of the Thucydides Trap concept by Graham Allison in 2012.[2] Comparing the Chinese and American powers cannot be done without a fine analysis of the naval and maritime balance of power. Because given the distance between the two powers and the geography of the region, a potential conflict between China and the United States...

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Chinese Navy has held 120 exercises over the past 3 months

“Sweat saves blood” used to say the architect and military strategist of Louis XIV, Vauban. And sweat, the Chinese military has obviously not lacked in recent months. Indeed, according to the CCP-affiliated site, the Chinese navy in cooperation with other arms of the People's Liberation Army, has organized nearly 120 naval, naval air and amphibious exercises in the past 3 months alone, including 50 of them took place near the island of Taiwan. Beyond the already extraordinarily high number of exercises that took place, the (partial) information provided by the Taiwanese authorities on many of them...

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Chinese People's Liberation Army tests new tactical ballistic missile

Almost simultaneously with the escalation of tensions between the United States and China over the South China Sea and Taiwan, the People's Liberation Army has dramatically increased the number and scale of exercises in which its forces participate. , with a notable resurgence of scenarios approaching a military intervention against the independent island under American protection. Thus, in recent months, the Chinese naval, air, amphibious and naval air forces have carried out exercises almost daily in front of and around Taiwan, exercises widely reported by the press and the media in Beijing, a way of increasing the pressure on the island authorities,…

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Joe Biden aligns US commitment to defend Taiwan with that of NATO

The American President is strongly contested in the United States but also on the international scene since the catastrophic collapse of the state structures and the Afghan army in just a few weeks once the withdrawal of the American soldiers began. In particular, many are those who make the link between this withdrawal and the determination, which they now consider questionable, of the United States to ensure the security of its close allies, including among the leaders of certain NATO countries. It is to explain himself on these questions that the American president granted an interview to the ABC channel, an interview during which he was above all questioned about the supposed…

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New tensions between the United States and China around Taiwan

Observing the evolution of tensions between the United States and China around Taiwan gives the impression of witnessing a series of events leading inevitably to a dramatic accident. And clearly neither Beijing nor Washington now intends to try to find an alternative to a potentially armed confrontation. Thus, since the beginning of 2021, the Chinese air and naval forces have multiplied demonstrations of force by organizing exercises near the island whose independence is not recognized by Beijing. On their side, the United States, with increasingly strong support from its direct Japanese, Australian and…

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