JF-17 Block III in Pakistan vs F-21 in India: towards an opposition between light fighters?

Just a year ago, a new limited military confrontation opposed India and Pakistan in the Kashmir region. On February 27, 209, exchanges of fire then took place between the fighter-bombers of the two countries. Pakistan then announces that its F-16s and some JF-17 light fighters have engaged and destroyed two Indian fighters, while New Delhi only confirms the loss of one of its old MiG-21s and the destruction in return of an F -16 Pakistanis. If the actual details of this commitment are still unclear for the general public, it nevertheless emerges that the Indian Air Force (IAF) like the…

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Turkey on track to complete modernization of Pakistan's first Agosta-90B submarine, despite French opposition

In recent days, the Turkish and Pakistani press have returned to the modernization program for Pakistani Agosta-90B type submarines being refitted in Turkey. The Turkish company STM, in charge of the redesign of the first building, would thus have affirmed that a first modernized Agosta-90B would be launched by the end of the month "despite the sanctions and restrictions" imposed by France. The statement does not, however, specify whether its sanctions and restrictions are imposed by the French authorities or by Naval Group, the builder of the Agosta, nor whether they are exercised on the end customer (Pakistan) or on the Turkish industrialists in charge of…

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Pakistan tests new cruise missile capable of hitting the heart of India

According to Pakistani military sources, Islamabad would have proceeded three days ago to the test of a new cruise missile intended for Pakistani combat planes. This missile, designated Ra'ad-II, is a deeply modernized derivative of the Ra'ad-I tested already more than 10 years ago and which could be integrated in small quantities into the panoply of armaments of the Pakistani Mirage III. Compared to the Ra'ad-I, the Ra'ad-II (or Haft-8 Mk.2) would have a range almost doubled, taking it to nearly 600km. It would be equipped with a modern guidance system and could serve as the basis for the development of an anti-ship version. With a mass of approximately one ton, the missile…

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Russia prefers India over Pakistan for arms exports

According to an Indian daily quoted by the site defenseworld.net, Russia would have assured India that it would limit its cooperation in terms of sales with Pakistan to the anti-terrorist field, and that it would not export military equipment. to Islamabad. By proceeding in this way, the Russian authorities hope to strengthen the dynamic of rapprochement initiated a few months ago with New Delhi, and which has already yielded convincing results, with the order of additional Mig29s and Su30 MKIs, S400s and frigates. It must be said that we are witnessing a surge in promises of exclusivity to take market share in the juicy Indian Defense equipment contracts,…

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The Beijing-Islamabad-Ankara axis strengthens under the aegis of Pakistan

When one evokes the possible breaking of the ban of Turkey vis-à-vis NATO and the United States, it is customary to imagine a rapprochement between Ankara and Moscow, considering that the casus belli will have been the acquisition of S-400 systems for the Ottoman forces. This, however, ignores the efforts made by the Pakistani authorities to bring the Turkish authorities to participate in the increasingly solid military and economic alliance that binds the country with China. Furthermore, in the event of an intense opposition between the United States and Turkey, only China would be able to support the country economically to avoid being crushed by…

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China becomes first exporter of combat drone

According to the count of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, or SIPRI, China would have exported 153 combat drone systems between 2014 and 2018 to 13 international customers, making it the first exporter of this type of equipment in the world. This number represents an increase of more than 1400% compared to the previous period. In addition, China is now the world's 5th largest exporter of Defense equipment, catching up with the leading quartet made up of the United States, Russia, France and the United Kingdom. Over the period, China exported its defense equipment to 53 countries (+12 compared to the different period), its main…

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China wants to make JF-17 Block III the main opponent of F16V for export

Chinese ambitions in terms of export market share and mastery of military aeronautical technologies continue to grow. After offering its J-10C fighter in Bangladesh and Laos, it's the turn of the new version of the Sino-Pakistani fighter JF-17 to unveil its finery. And these ambitions are neither more nor less than to compete with the F16V from a technological and operational point of view, while remaining half the price of the latter. For this, the JF-17 Block III Thunder will be equipped with a new KLJ-7A AESA radar, a new IRST infrared display system, a digital cockpit with helmet, etc.

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The first Indian Scorpene deployed following tensions with Pakistan

The consequences of the engagement that took place last week between India and Pakistan are numerous, and go beyond the framework of the air force. Thus, the INS Kalvari submarine, the first of a series of 6 Scorpène-type submersibles built in India, which entered service just over a year ago, was thus deployed to secure the borders of the Jammu, one of the two regions at the heart of the territorial claims between India and Pakistan. The objective is, according to the Indian authorities, to prevent a naval deployment of troops, the Kalvari having 6 tubes of 533mm that can fire torpedoes and missiles...

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Rafale gains popularity in India following loss of MIG21

While New Dehli and Islamabad are showing clear voluntarism in defusing the crisis that led to the loss of a Pakistani F-16 and an Indian MIG21, the results of this commitment, and in particular the loss of the MIG21, have highlight the dangers of the extreme obsolescence of much of the IAF air fleet. As a fine political tactician, President Moodi took the opportunity to try to put an end to the instrumentalization of the Rafale contract for political purposes, by declaring that if India had been able to send Rafales instead of Mig21s, the result would have been another, leading to a real popular enthusiasm for the device…

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