In Southeast Asia, the number of submarines has increased by 300% in 20 years

With the rise of the Chinese fleet, which aims to match the US Navy by 2050, and the policy of fait accompli sometimes implemented by Beijing, tensions ...

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Chinese GAIC FTC-2000G attack plane finds first customer in Southeast Asia

The information was released by the Chinese press and confirmed by representatives of GAIC (Guizhou Aviation Industry Corporation) and the Chinese Ministry of Defense: the FTC-2000G combat aircraft…

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Tatmadaw Yay: next entry into the active service of the first Burmese submarine

India will sell INS Sindhuvir (1988 - 2019), submarine of the 877EKM project, to the Burma Navy or Myanmar (Tatmadaw Yay) within two weeks. Obtaining a first underwater capacity is not ...

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