Bangladesh launches competition to acquire 16 modern multi-purpose fighters

While the whole of Asia seems to be engaged in a vast movement of rapid rearmament, the authorities of Bangladesh have just announced the launch of a procedure aimed at acquiring, on the budget ...

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China wants to make JF-17 Block III the main opponent of F16V for export

Chinese ambitions in terms of export market share and mastery of military aeronautical technologies continue to sharpen. After having offered his J-10C fighter in Bangladesh…

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Europe can not be protected by the United States in case of conflict with China

As NATO begins the most important exercise since the end of the Cold War, the Trident Juncture exercise which brings together 45.000 men on the Norwegian coast, General Ben Hodge,…

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China deploys its network of naval bases in the Indo-Pacific area

The Sri Lankan authorities have reportedly ceded a 99-year concession to a Chinese company for the operation of the port of Hambantota, at the southern tip of the peninsula, and therefore to ...

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